Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Would you like to have a gate service that is there to answer your call 24/7? We mean if you call them with a gate emergency at 2am they will still be there to talk to you. Sounds like a fantasy company, right? Wrong, our Automatic Gate Repair Newhall is the company

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Residential Gate

Residential Gate

We at Automatic Gate Repair Newhall are the best gate contractors in the whole area of Newhall. We are the best at what we do. We make it a goal to make sure that all of our customers are always 100% satisfied with all of the services that we provide them. Please call our 24/7 gate service today.

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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

The maintenance of the gate is important considering that it plays a role towards ensuring the security of your home or office. It is this factor that necessitates the need to have comprehensive services as a measure of the gate maintenance.

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High quality emergency gate services for residential and commercial needs

Practical, simple and easy gate repair tips that will keep your gates secured and safe! Don't you want to know more about ways to repair gates properly? Or what to do with malfunctioning gates that compromise your safety?

  • Lubricate swing gate hinges regularly

    These are the main hardware components responsible for opening and closing so you need to take good care of them. Larger swing gates have bigger and more complex hinges which have a special grease joint. To lubricate them, you will need specially formulated grease and a grease gun. Insert the gun’s nozzle and pump grease until it starts coming out. Then wipe the joint clean.

  • Observe the ten-foot rule

    Our gate specialists always advise those who are planning to have a new gate installation to observe the ten-foot rule. Gate controls should be positioned in a way that the person using the control cannot touch the gate or gate opener. This is to avoid anyone from reaching through the gate to access the control. Contact your gate company if your setup does not follow this rule.

  • Choose the right gates

    When it's time to choose a new gate, get the right size and type. Your first concern is to make sure the gate opens all the way and there are no obstructions in its way. Your second concern should be residential gate openers and their good sensors.

  • Choose gate opener keypads

    Gate opener keypads will make your life and entrance in the driveway easier. You will just have to enter your personal code to get access and you can also change it to enhance security. You can also use temporary codes for visitors and also change them.

  • What to do with dangerous gates

    If you see such a gate that may pose a threat, do not attempt to fix it yourself, even if you think you can do so. Instead, it is recommended to report the problem to the property owner as soon as possible. Make sure that you confirm your conversation with the property owner, possibly in writing, so that a more qualified individual, such as one of our experts in Newhall, will work on the problem.

  • Ways to Optimize Performance of Gates

    The material of your gate will deteriorate brought about by regular wear and tear and exposure to the harsh changes in the weather. Simple regular checkups and maintenance will protect your gates and optimize its performance over the years. You can check and repair worn out components of your gates. Replacing broken parts will also prolong the service life of your gates.

  • Simple Techniques ForGate Repairs

    There are times when you need not call for a gate contractor to do gate repairs for you. Sometimes you just have to do simple gate repairs to address your concerns. When your gate becomes rusty you can remove rust and apply rust proofing solution then give it a good painting job. You can also do the same for the hinges.

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